5 Ways to Be a Better Person

If you constantly feel frustrated with the way that your relationships tend to work out, you aren’t alone. Many adults feel anxious and upset about the way that their personal friendships progress. Unfortunately, learning how to deal with this can be a challenge. One way that you can learn to improve your relationships, whether they be at work or in your personal life, is to focus on becoming a better, more well-rounded person.

1. Think before you speak

First off, it’s important that you always pause before you reply to someone. If the person that you’re dealing with tends to frustrate you, it will be easy to respond in a way that is insensitive or mean. Instead of offering a rude or cutting remark, consider taking a few seconds to think about how you can reply in a calm, dignified manner.

2. Give things freely

It’s normal to become attached to your personal belongings. Many people feel frustrated at the idea that they should give things away, yet find that they feel more free when they do. Consider giving away unwanted or unused items. Instead of worrying about selling your unwanted things, give freely to charities and to the people around you.

3. Don’t be stingy with your time

Do you constantly feel like you’re too busy? Do you frequently worry that there aren’t enough hours in the day? Instead of overbooking your time, consider leaving some free gaps in your schedule. Not only will this let you feel more relaxed, but it will enable you to help the people around you since you won’t be constantly running around.

4. Think of others first

Perhaps the simplest way to start becoming a better person and improving your personal relationships is to start thinking of others before you think about yourself. It’s easy to look at a situation and think about how you’ll benefit from something. Instead of considering your own personal gain, however, try to think about how the people around you could reap the benefits of the situation.

5. Try to put yourself in the other person’s position

If you constantly feel like you’re misunderstood, remember that the people around you probably feel the same way. Everyone goes through periods of difficulty in their lives, so it’s important to realize that not everyone is in the same situation. If you can try to understand how someone is feeling based on their different life experiences, you’ll be able to relate to them on a much deeper level.

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