Nine Inexpensive Date Ideas for Summer

Summer is a great season for dating. It’s an especially good time for those people who want to save money while impressing that special person. Whether you’re taking a new person out on the town or you’re heading out with your long-time significant other, you can have an awesome time without going too far in the hole. Here are nine cheap date ideas to keep you in the black this summer.

1. Spending an afternoon in the park

Whether you are in a big city or a smaller town, there’s probably a public park that you can make good use of. An afternoon in the park won’t cost you anything, and you can engage in world-class people watching. Choose a nice afternoon with good weather, and you might even pack a lunch. This is a great way to get outdoors and an even better way to spark great conversation.

2. Free movie nights to save 30 bucks

Think about how much money you spend at the movies. A date for two could easily run more than 30 dollars if you go for popcorn and drinks. Instead, find out when your city is putting on its free movie night. New York City and Philadelphia are notorious for hosting big-screen nights in the smaller local parks. Other cities around the country have similar programs, and you can even bring your own snacks to the event.

3. Summer league baseball

Major League Baseball games can very expensive, especially if your city’s team is good. Why not try out a baseball game at a lower price? Summer leagues are all over the country, and they feature good college players who are trying to impress scouts. You can usually go to these games for a few dollars each, and you can enjoy cheap beer while you’re there. Nothing says summer like a night at the ballpark.

4. Go garage sale shopping

Have you seen those signs on Saturday mornings that point to great garage sales? Why not get her up in the morning to check out different sales? You might find some great items for a low price. At the very least, this will give you a chance to explore your city a little further while meeting some great characters.

5. Plan a beach day

If you live on one of the coasts, then there’s probably a beach somewhere within driving distance. If not, then you might have to settle for a river or lake. Get out there early and enjoy the water. This could give you a chance to pick up some sun, and if you’d like, you can bring along cold beers to complete the day.

6. Hiking and waterfalls

Even if you don’t fancy yourself a hiker, you can enjoy the outdoors during the summer months. Find the local trails, and try to hike to a waterfall. If you’re up for some adventure, you can jump off those falls with your date. This might also be a great idea for people with animals, as most trails are dog-friendly.

7. Free live music

You might be surprised to learn that there is a wealth of music out there that you won’t pay a dime to see. Many bars and restaurants feature live musicians, and many parks have them, too. Do some research to find when a free event is coming to your city, and spend a day taking in tunes without having to shell out concert prices.

8. Amusement park dates

Remember how much fun you had at amusement parks when you were a child? Why not head there again to remind you and your date of what it was like to be young. You can usually get tickets to ride a few rides, and you can spend a couple of dollars playing the carnival games. This is a great way to show your date that you’re up for any kind of fun.

9. Working at the car wash

Summer is a great time to put on your bathing suit and wash a car or two. Invite her over for a car wash, and you can show off your skills. This date can be as fun as you want it to be, and if you’re in control of the hose, you can make things interesting. Perhaps more importantly, you won’t spend a dime outside of the cleaning supplies.

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