Ten Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

Everyone wants to be treated well. It’s often the little things we do for someone that mean the most. Here are ten easy things to do for your boyfriend that will earn his appreciation and love:

1. The way to a man’s heart really is often through his stomach. Find out what your boyfriend likes to eat and cook him a tasty meal as often as you can. You get bonus points if you keep it relatively healthy.

2. Surprise him and wash his car this weekend. Guys love their cars, and a clean car is a great way to start the week. If you’re feeling especially energetic, get out the vacuum and some glass cleaner and detail the inside also.

3. Watch a porn movie with him. Yes, they’re corny and unrealistic and don’t always portray women in the best light, but give one a try; the porn industry has changed a lot in recent years and has geared their movies towards both sexes. Adopt the attitude that it’s all make-believe and enjoy a trip to fantasyland.

4. Wear sexy lingerie, maybe even while watching the porn movie! Men are turned on by visual images; the sight of you in something slinky will get his motor running. Don’t worry if you don’t have a flawless figure. There are lingerie styles out there for every type of body. Have fun shopping for the perfect one for you.

5. Give him a haircut. Many men put off getting a trim due to lack of time or money, so if you can give those stray hairs a snip or a buzz with the shaver, you can extend his time between real cuts.

6. Pack him a lunch. If your boyfriend works in an office with a refrigerator, or can take a cooler with him, find a few healthy items he can eat throughout the day. If he can reheat food, get some glass containers and load them with dinner leftovers. Not only is this healthier, it’s more economical than eating out every day.

7. Give him a foot rub. This is an easy body part to access while sitting on the couch together, and it feels marvelous.

8. Clean his house. This should be a special treat done once in a while so he doesn’t expect you to do it all the time, but he WILL be happy to have it done.

9. Offer encouragement on the phone. Sometimes he just needs to vent, and an uplifting phone call from you can ease the stress of a hectic day.

10. Be upbeat as much as possible when you’re together. We all have bad days, but keeping a positive attitude when with your loved one will be much appreciated.

Doing nice things for your boyfriend will not only make him happy but will make you feel good too! Be kind, share the love.

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