4 Dating Warning Signs That You Can’t Ignore

Whether you’ve just started to date a new man or you’ve been seeing your boyfriend for eighteen months, there are some things that you just shouldn’t ignore. Here are 4 of those things:

Dating1. He is self-absorbed

You talk on the phone, email and meet for dinner but he never asks about your day. He doesn’t ask about work, your family or your new salsa lessons. He does talk about himself a lot though. If you try to interject with something about yourself, he expertly turns the conversation back to himself. People like this are not uncommon unfortunately. You can stick around and try to change his behaviour, but if he’s not already interested on his own, do you want to force him?

2. He lacks basic manners

You’ve never heard him say “please” or “thank you” and can’t remember him holding a door open for you. While you don’t expect a perfect gentleman 24/7 you do prefer a man who has basic manners. You can try prompting him to say and do these things, but you might end up feeling more like his mother than his date.

3. He’s addicted to his phone

Whether he’s connected to his phone constantly for work or to update his status on social networking sites, you’ve been probably gotten fed up more than once with being ignored for a piece of technology. While needing to be connected for work is slightly more acceptable, you do need to figure out if he’s needed that much or if he’s just a workaholic. When it comes to the social networking, you can try something to get their attention. If you know they are updating their status and chatting people up while with you, you can comment on their status as well. Depending on how brave you are you can out them as ignoring you or comment with something silly. Either way, you’re likely to get their attention. The behaviour may or may not change. After that, it’s up to you to decide what you’ll put up with.

4. He’s immature

There is a certain amount of immaturity that we can put up with in our lives. It depends on you and what you can accept in your life. Video games, for example, are a common hobby which both men and women enjoy. The problem comes when one spends all of their time playing them. If you are an ambitious person, you might prefer someone who is also ambitious. A man who lacks goals for his future may not appeal to you. A grown man who lives with his mother when he really doesn’t have to isn’t probably especially mature even though he may work a full-time job.

Dating is all about weeding out the kind of men you’re not into. It helps if you know exactly what you’re looking for and what you want to avoid. What one person might easily accept, you may not so easily accept. Date according to your own personal preferences.

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