5 Rules of Modern Dating

Dating has changed since the 1950s, but many people are still confused about the rules of dating. What’s appropriate and what’s not? This article outlines five rules of modern dating that will benefit both genders.

1. Women can pay

CoupleThe days of the man paying for every single date are long gone. Whoever asks for a date should be able and willing to pay for it. If you’re a woman who has been on a few dates with a man where he has always paid, offer to pay for the next one. If you see a movie together, it makes sense for one person to buy the tickets and the other to get the snacks.

2. Don’t over share

With all of the social media we have access to it’s easy to post too much person information. Just because you can share everything about your relationship doesn’t mean you should. It’s important to keep your personal life private when appropriate. Don’t post too many photos or stories about your relationship online. Friends and family don’t really want to hear every single detail, so share the special ones.

3. Gender roles should not exist

Clearly defined gender roles might seem like a good thing, but times have changed. Expecting a woman to stay home and care for the house or a man to earn all of the money is not acceptable anymore. If you do wish for an old-fashioned relationship, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you must find someone who also craves the same. Attempting to change a modern man or woman will not work. Open your mind and let go of any gender roles you may still believe in.

4. Anyone can call

Women no longer have to sit by the phone waiting for a man to call. If you want to call a man and ask him out, do it. If you’re a man who is interested in a woman, call her. Forget the rules about who can call and how long you should wait to call.

5. Use your manners

Times may have changed, but the appeal of someone who has manners will never change. Manners show respect and affection towards other people. It’s good to use your manners with your date, but equally important to use them with service people and strangers alike.

Forget the old-school rules of dating and follow your heart, be kind, and generous. The modern rules of dating are more equal to both genders.

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