4 Signs You’re a Bad Date

Being a good date is a good way to lead to more dates and a relationship. If you’re a bad date, whether it’s the first date or the fifth, you could be killing your chances for a healthy relationship. This article outlines four signs that you are a bad date.

Dating1. You constantly expect big gestures

You can’t expect a bouquet of roses and expensive dinner for every date you go on. Every date won’t be full of romance. If your date suggests checking out the free art exhibit downtown, don’t raise an eyebrow and ask yourself why he’s being cheap. He put thought into a date that you could both enjoy. You can’t expect to be treated like a princess on every date.

2. You dress inappropriately

It’s important to dress your best for dates. You don’t have to dress outside of your comfort zone or buy expensive clothes in order to dress nicely. Don’t show up to a date wearing your scrubs or yoga outfit. If you’re coming from work or the gym make sure you’re able to change before your date.

3. You don’t bring any money

Expecting your date to pay for everything is a great way to be a bad date. If you go to a movie and he pays for the dates, you should offer to pay for snacks. It would make his day if you offered to pay for dinner, coffee during your walk, or even the tip after a meal. Pretending you have no cash or that you left your wallet at home for the fourth date in a row is not cool.

4. You act dumb to boost his ego

Acting like you don’t know anything might seem like a good way to boost your date’s ego, but it’s not. A man enjoys someone who can have a conversation and challenge him. The chances of you knowing about everything he talks about is slim. When he does bring up something you are unfamiliar with, ask him questions about it.

Being a bad date will most likely result in you not being asked out again. You don’t have to change who you are in order to be a good date, but you should always put your best foot forward and act like you care about being there. Being a good date will result in you being asked out on more dates.

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