4 Texting Turnoffs

Texting is a popular form of communication, but there are still some rules and etiquette that you need to apply. If you do not follow these simple forms of etiquette, you might find that your relationship goes south very quickly. This article outlines 4 texting turnoffs.

1. Writing novel length texts

Texts are meant to be short and sweet. Men and women are very different. While you may be able to text novel length messages to your best girlfriend, don’t do the same with a man you’re interested in. Keep your texts to him short and to the point. You will hold his attention better with short texts. If he sees long texts, he may not read them completely.

2. Complaining

Don’t use texting to complain about your day at work, your mom, or the man who cut you off in traffic. No one wants to be bombarded by complaints and negativity via text. He might get the impression that you will not only complain via text, but also in person. Avoid airing all of your complaints through texts.

3. Demanding immediate responses

While texting can be convenient and quick, always expecting a prompt response from the man you’re interested in is quite demanding. Just because he may have his phone with him, doesn’t mean he’s not involved in other things throughout the day. If he’s driving, he’s not going to reply right away. If he’s in a meeting, you will probably have to wait. Don’t get mad at him and demand an explanation. Just because texting is quick and easy doesn’t mean everyone is a slave to it.

4. Texting while you’re on a date with him

Whether you’re on a first date or on a date with your boyfriend, don’t text while you’re out with him. He deserves your full attention. Whoever texts you can wait a couple of hours. Make your date feel important and don’t put texts ahead of him. If you have a problem with needing to check and reply to texts constantly, it might be a good idea to turn off notifications so that you aren’t distracted by them and wondering who texted and feeling like you need to reply immediately.

Texting doesn’t have to cause problems in your potential relationship. By following basic texting etiquette you can avoid any major problems.

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